Nothing wild... and the sky's the limit!

Almost four years ago, in late 2014, I was due to take a business trip to Germany. It was to be the first time I’d ever visited the country, but I wasn’t looking forward to it, for I was slowly going mad and I didn’t know why. My tickets and hotel were booked, meetings arranged and colleagues awaiting me for what should have been a straightforward trip, something people in my line of work do every day. But the day of the trip came, and my colleagues had to leave without me, as just hours earlier I had been admitted, yet again, to a psychiatric hospital. Unknown to anyone, antibodies to gluten were attacking my brain and this, along with an over-active thyroid that was about to stop functioning altogether, critically low vitamin B12 and over 100 other symptoms had left me in a severely psychotic state. It was to be the end of my career as I knew it, and the last time I would have the opportunity to travel for many years. I was very close to the end of my life and no one could tell me why.

Fast forward four years to today and I’ve been following the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) for 18 months. What has happened is nothing short of a miracle, a real ‘get up and walk’ healing that has allowed me to make a full recovery and the culmination is that I’ve just returned from a wonderful business trip to the US, the first time I’ve travelled for many years. As I looked down on Manhattan as I flew home last Sunday my energy and the endless hope and happiness I felt exceeded even soaring height of the aircraft that was carrying me home from a truly incredible week. The trip was just wonderful, I visited Kansas City where I learned to seriously envy the quality of the food the Americans can enjoy; Sprouts grocery store even helpfully labelled an organic chicken joint as gluten free – Sainsbury’s could learn a thing or two from this! Then it was on to New York for 48 hours where I not only worked a full day but also walked the Brooklyn Bridge (twice), visited the WTC, cycled 15 miles around Central Park, did a 12-mile walking tour at dusk taking in China Town, Greenwich Village and Downtown, visited Times Square at night and got in some serious shopping. Talk about energy!

But what is incredible is the difference to a life that a fully functioning brain can make. The nutrients I have consumed daily have healed my body and allowed my brain to function as it was always meant to, and while on my trip I ran three workshops, published a paper in a leading legal journal, held numerous meetings and ran an audit. The trip was such a success that my CEO just invited to present at a legal conference in Washington DC next month, a miracle when you think that a few years ago I lost the ability to read.

The nutrition available to all us humans is right there in nature, it’s so simple but then it should be as after all we’re the product of nature ourselves, an evolutionary success story that has forgotten that we evolved alongside, and totally dependent on the plants, aquatic life and organic foods that evolved right there alongside us. Our bodies have an amazing capacity to heal, we just need to remember that in order to both heal and to stay well we need to give our bodies exactly the things nature intended, and remove the stuff it didn’t. Nutrition, removal of anything toxic, stress amelioration, gentle exercise and quality sleep is a great place to start the journey to wellness; the body will respond and the most empowering and rewarding process starts as healing begins and hope follows.

Then the sky’s the limit!