Thyroid diagram - all you need to know about autoimmunity and Hashimoto's on one page.

I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis which is an underactive thyroid gland caused by antibodies attacking and destroying thyroid tissue. Thyroid function is complex, and I've met quite a few doctors who fail to understand it. I have therefore created an infographic to explain thyroid function and autoimmunity.

The treatment for Hashimoto's following diagnosis as prescribed by doctors is to take replacement synthetic hormone (levothyroxine). The symptoms are well known - weight gain, fatigue, depression, muscle loss, tiredness, feeling cold etc. but what is less know is what the root cause is.

The best treatment to prevent further damage to the thyroid gland, and put a halt to the antibodies and autoimmunity that casues the damage and many of the symptoms is to follow the Autoimmune Protocol Diet. This is the same diet I follow to treat my mental health condition. The primary culprit is gluten, but there are other factors too. This natural treatment of diet exclusions has had an incredibe effect on my health. The nutrition provided in the diet promotoes healing and many people have described an incredible recovery on this diet.

This infographic not only describes the function of the thryoid, but also the mechanism behind the autoimmunity that causes Hashimoto's disease.