Start Here - How to heal mental illness

Did you know that eating gluten causes schizophrenia and bipolar? Did you known that the most common symptom of a gluten related disorder is in the brain in the form of migraine and brain fog? Around 6 time as many people have a gluten related disorder than have celiac disease (an autoimmune disease of the gut) and that many of those people with symptoms in their brain will never develop any gut damage at all!

The Problem

Recent research has revealed that a person with any autoimmune disease other than arthritis is up to 40 times more likely to develop a psychotic illness than the general population and that around 9% of all cases of psychotic illness is due to an antibody in the brain. Millions of people suffer with these illnesses every day and many end up in the hands of psychiatrists, locked away in mental hospitals and prescribed high doses of toxic chemical restraints.

All of this happens despite body of research that exists that points to environmental triggers as a major factor in many cases of autoimmune disease and mental illness, along with a genetic predisposition and increased intestinal permeability. This is known as the Autoimmune Trilogy. 

Grain in your brain

Increasing evidence now exists that many autoimmune diseases, particularly those where the nervous system and brain are involved are due to an antibody to gliadin, a common protein found in the storage prolamin in certain grains. It has long been understood that patients with celiac disease, an autoimmune reaction to the gliadin in wheat, barley and rye are at increased risk of developing schizophrenia and that patients with schizophrenia are up to 100 times more likely develop celiac enteropathy.

It starts in the gut

The gut plays a pivotal role in the cause and healing of mental illnesses. I've tried to summarise it in the image below, however the actual mechanism by which a mental illness can manifest is fantastically complex, however the treatment really is very simple.

The Simple Solution

I've learned that the complete removal of these grains and other environmental triggers can lead to a complete recovery from a psychotic illness in susceptible people. I should know - I've done it myself and completely healed from bipolar 1 with severe psychotic features that was bordering on schizoaffective disorder.

The celiac UK charity regards foods with a gluten content of below 20ppm as safe for people with celiac disease, however this is not true for cases where neurologic and brain involvement is a symptom. Also it is hypothesized that other foods can cause different antibody types to affect the brain, particularly other grains, dairy and chemicals. Therefore, a nutrient dense, naturally gluten free whole food diet known as the Autoimmune Protocol is required to ensure complete removal of all contamination risk while ensuring optimal nutrition.

I followed this diet and healed my illness in less than a month and have remained well ever since.

You can do it to.

This blog tells my story and provides links to research that support this method as an effective treatment of how to heal a mental illness. You will find the method I followed described in these pages and you are welcome to give it a try yourself. This isn't a medical site and I'm not a doctor, so you'll need to decide for yourself if this is for you, however just remember, you are entirely responsible for your own health; no one is coming to save you.