When life says no you can’t....

415 days ago I was unemployed and unemployable. I’d been out of work for almost a year and my career was over; all that I’d studied and worked for gone. Well meaning doctors and specialists were giving me ‘helpful’ advice to get me back to work. ‘Go and work in a shop’ I was told, but even that was too much for me to undertake; my brain was paralysed. I was desperately unwell and was told there was no cure, that I could never get better. I believed this falsehood as truth.

415 days ago I discovered the root cause of my illness and my life changed in ways beyond the imaginings of even the most implausible of schoolboy fables. In just 10 days after changing my diet all of my cognitive, memory and psychiatric issues vanished forever. Just 9 days after that I landed a junior role at an incredible top high-tech firm, something that I’d been told so many times was impossible. I could scarcely believe it when it happened.

And there I excelled, making waves and thriving in the challenging and fast paced environment, my healing brain working in ways I’d never known before. It didn’t go unnoticed and today I was promoted to Global Head of Information Security and IT Services.

My recovery set me on a trajectory that has now surpassed even the ambitions that I held before I became sick.

Of course I still have setbacks. I still face roadblocks and have mountains to climb. But today I have one mantra that I say whenever adversity rears it’s head and tells me I cannot continue. It’s very simple, it’s the same three words with which I now always reply when the doctors and specialists raise their doubting voices:

Actually, I can.